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Fees & Billing
Infant/Toddler/Before School Care/After School Care Fees:
The ELC reserves the right to review rates at any point and will provide at least a two-week advance notice of rate changes in writing.
All fees are based off of an individual child’s schedule per week regardless if a child is absent for any reason.

6 weeks - 2 Years
1-29 Hours - $5.00/hr
30-39 Hours - $4.75/hr
40-49 Hours - $4.60/hr
50+ Hours - $4.50/hr
2 Years +
1- 29 Hours - $4.20/hr
30-39 Hours - $4.00/hr
40-49 Hours - $3.90/hr
50+ Hours – $3.80/hr

2nd Child Discount – 5%
3rd or more Child(ren) Discount – 20%

Online payment is available. Contact the office for details.
Late Pick Up: There will be a fee of $15 for every 15 minutes you are late picking up your child(ren) after center closing time. (Please still call to let the care providers know you will be late.)

ELC Registration Form 23-24
Clicking on the link above will open a fillable Word document. Once you have it filled in, you can print it out and send it to us or you can email it to us at stjohns1886@gmail.com