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3rd Grade Spelling Words
4th Grade Spelling Words
5th Grade Spelling Words
Spelling City
Spelling city offers games and activities for students to practice their spelling words each week. Just choose the correct grade and unit, and have fun!
Typing Club
username: first name, last initial, 1819  example: John Smith username: johns1819 
password: first name, last initial, 1819  example: johns1819
Practice your math skills using this site! Usernames and passwords are in our white binder in the classroom and have been sent home to parents for practice outside of school.
Math Flash Cards
Khan Academy
Math and Grammar skills practice
Click "login" at the top of the page
Learn a new language with Duolingo!

Directions to create an account:
1. Click "get started." 
2. Choose a language to learn and click on it.
3. Click on "Create a profile" on the top right of the page.
4. Fill out the form. For email address, use your school email (your first name.last name@stjohnsneillsville.com   example- John Smith's email is john.smith@stjohnsneillsville.com)
5. Use the password you use to log on to your chromebook (first name, first letter of last name, 1819  example- John Smith's password is johns1819).
6. Click on create account.
7. Have fun!
Play some learning games and activities here.
Music Lab
Do some experimenting with elements (parts) of music!
Epic! Reading
School use only
Class code: lma4755
2018-2019 Memory Treasures
The link to the memory treasure schedule is posted above. The teacher will notify parents of any changes.
Memory treasures are due Tuesdays and Fridays. Students should be ready to recite Bible passages before assembly starts at 8:15 unless told otherwise by the teacher. Hymn work is due by Friday morning at 8:15 but may be recited any time earlier in the week. 

It is important that students learn these memory treasures by heart, so they may carry them throughout their lives and use them for comfort and guidance. This is not meant to be a burden on students, but rather an opportunity to learn and treasure God’s Word.
Class Schedule
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