Weekly Devotion

Some people are like seed along the path where the Word is sown.” -Mark 4:15

Keeping a garden can be both hard work and enjoyable. It gives us an opportunity to watch God’s mysterious blessings at work. We see how God uses sunshine, water, and soil to work together and make a tiny seed slowly come to life. Before we plant, however, we need to take time to first plan. We should carefully lay out our garden and decide which seeds to plant where. We should read the seed packages and learn how far apart to sow the seeds and how deep they must be placed. If the seeds are too deep in the ground, they will be choked before they reach out into the sunlight. If we plant them too close together, they will stunt each other’s growth.

Farmers carefully plan their planting. They know when it is just the right time to sow the crop, which way to run the rows, how deep to plant the seeds, and how to fertilize and rotate the crops so they will be healthy and strong plants every year.

Everyone who has planted a tiny garden or acres of land is on the lookout for enemy weeds. The weeds must be removed before they destroy the crop. A garden filled with weeds is a garden that will not produce a large crop.

Jesus once spoke about planting a field when he told the story of a farmer who went out to plant a bagful of seed. He would grab a handful of seed and then with a sweeping motion, scatter the seed back and forth spreading it evenly on the ground. As he did this, some seed accidentally landed on a hard dirt path where the seeds were eaten by the birds. Some of the seed also fell on stony ground where the seeds sprang up quickly, but soon died because the dirt was too shallow for the roots to take hold. Other seeds landed in a patch of thorns. Here they grew into plants, but before long the thorns grew faster than the young seedlings and choked them off. The rest of the seeds fell on the good soil, where they grew to be healthy plants.

After Jesus finished telling the story, his disciples ask him to explain what it meant. He told them the seed is the Bible, the Word of God. God is the farmer who spreads his Word throughout the world. He wants to give everyone a chance to eat these seeds so that they might believe in Jesus and go to heaven. But sadly, like the seed that fell on the hard pathway, some people hear the Word, but Satan quickly snatches it away from them. Other people are like the rocky ground where the Word of God takes root instantly, but only lasts a short time because their roots are too shallow, and they didn’t take the time to study the Word and become strengthened with it. Other seeds fell where thorns were growing. These are the people who grow into small seedlings feeding on God’s Word, but soon worries, bad friendships, and other problems get in the way, and they too fall away from God’s Word.

We want to be like the good soil. We want to feed on God’s Word as often as we can. We want to swallow that seed and let it grow up tall and strong in us. But to do that, we must get to know the Bible. We must study our Bible stories and become familiar with Scripture passages. Then we will grow healthy and strong. God’s Word is important in our lives!
In Christ, Mike Allard, Principal @ St. John’s