God Bless Our School

God Bless Our School from St. John's Lutheran Church on Vimeo.

1.  Our Father, ‘tis to Thee
We bring this earnest plea
God bless our school.
Thy saving Word is here
Fill us with holy fear
Make this a place most dear
God bless our school.
2.  Our Savior from above
Guide with Thy tender love
Our Luth’ren school.
Help us our work to do
Teach us to e’er be true
Our number large or few
God bless our school.
3.  Spirit of God so near
Our guide and Comforter
Rule in our school.
Here purify each heart
Faith, love, and hope impart
Our sanctifier Thou art
God bless our school.
4.  Great God, blest Trinity
Thou Who art one and three
Bless this our school.
Now hear us while we pray
Take all our sins away
Meet with us every day
God bless our school.