Friends of St. John's
This organization exists to let the parents, teachers, and others from our congregation interested in our school exchange information regarding the operation of our Lutheran elementary school. The organization also helps support the curriculum through various fund-raising events. Meetings are normally held the second Wednesday of September, January, and May. All parents are automatically members of FSJ. Any interested members from the congregation can come to any meeting or event that we have; but the parents will still be in charge of running the organization (officers, committees, serving, etc.).

Expectations of Parents
Meetings:  Parents are expected to attend monthly meetings when possible. Your input and ideas are important to us. We need ALL of our parents to get involved!
Committees:  All parents are encouraged to serve on at least one activity committee. Sign-up sheets are available at Orientation Day in August. YOUR HELP IS BOTH NEEDED AND APPRECIATED! 
Other Events:  Parents are encouraged to attend our special fellowship get-togethers which we have throughout the year, including lunch before and after our Lenten services, etc. This is a great chance for our parents to get to know each other a bit better, and it allows some of our “veteran” parents to make our “rookie” parents feel more welcome. Please don’t pass up these opportunities for Christian fellowship. We need you there!