Fire Safety Presentation 2022

Arbor Day 2022

Grades 2-3 Nasonville Dairy, Wildwood Park and Zoo

Camp Phillip Field Trip-2015

Visit to Fire Hall-October 7, 2015

Walk to School Day-October 7, 2015

Arbor Day

Read-A-Thon Party

Trip to Schmitty's-Gr. 1-2

Grandparents' Day-Oct 29, 2014

Fire Hall Visit-Oct 7, 2015

Sports Day-June 4, 2014

Tearing Down Old Lockers

Yell and Tell
Saftey and awareness presentation.

Grades 1-2 Field Trip to Kickapoo Valley Reserve
September 9, 2014

Walk to School Day
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Falconer Presentation Feb 2013

Christmas for Kids Dec 2012

Trip to Fire Hall

Walk to School Day

1st Day of School 2010

Pioneer Hayride 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Fire Hall 2010

Costume Parties

Game Night 2010

Spirit Week
Students had fun showing support for the Hornets basketball teams by dressing up. There was a special dress-up theme for every day of the week:  Pajama Day, Black & Gold Day, Color Day, Hat Day, and Wacky Hair Day. We held a Pep Rally on Tuesday.

Art Fair April 2011

Fall Family Night 2011

Music Night 2011

May 22-125th anniversary celebration

Field Trip

Trip to Cranberry Bog

Polar Plunge

Our Washington DC students and parents braved the icy cold water and participated in the polar plunge at Winter Carnival.

Fall Family Night 2010

Apple Orchard 2010

Gr. 3-4 Jail Museum Trip

Clowns Gr. K-1

Play and Zoo
Students in grades K-4 attended the dress rehearsal, "Joseph, From Pit to Palace," put on by the children of Trinity Lutheran in Marshfield. After that the students went to the Marshfield Zoo.


The students took advantage of the late winter storm that brought lots of wet, heavy snow!

Pioneer Musical Rock Solid

Rollerskating 2011

Last Day of School May 28, 2010

Bowling Field Trip
Students in grades Pre-4 walked up to the Bowling Alley to see how the machines there work.

K-4 Play & Field Trip
Students in grades K-4 saw the play "Wizard of Oz" in Eau Claire and then visited students at St. Mark's Lutheran School in Eau Claire for lunch and fun activities.

Gr. K-4 Track Meet May 2010

Professor Numbers

Social Studies Fair

Watertown Basketball Tournament March 2010

Kindergarten Round-Up 2010

Reading Night 2010

Movie Night 1/29/10

Apple Orchard 2009
Grades K-4 took a field trip to an apple orchard in the Fall Creek area on September 24, 2009.

Fall Sports 2009

Camp Phillip Field Trip Gr 7-8

Trip to Pumpkin Patch

Fall Family Fun Night

5th-6th History Projects

Beaver Creek Reserve 2009
Grades K-4 took a field trip to Beaver Creek Reserve on September 24, 2009.

Grandparents Day
Grades Pre-3 put on a program for grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.

Gr. 5-6 Trip to Crystal Cave

Preschool Graduation 2010
Four preschool students graduated on May 27, 2010, and are headed for Kindergarten in the Fall.

Grocery Store Trip

Track Meet
Grades 5-8

Humane Society Trip

Greenhouse Trip

K-4 Track Meet

Mr. Science

Girl Pioneers visit Humane Society

Science Fair 2009

Jump Rope for Heart 2009

Courthouse Trip

Presenting-The Students of St. John's

Halloween Party
Our younger students enjoyed a fall costume party. Looks like a lot of fun!

Art Fair 2008
See our students share their God-given creative and artistic talents at our Art Fair, held on April 18, 2008.

Fire Station Visit
See pictures of preschool--3rd graders visit to the Neillsville Fire Station.

Birthday Celebration
The staff and school children celebrated as Pastor Biebert turned 50! Happy Birthday, Pastor!!

Pumpkin Pie
The faculty enjoyed a delicious pumpkin pie this past week! It was not only delicious, but a work of art, as you will be able to tell by the picture.

Big Cat Rescue and Circus World
Students in grades 1-3 visited Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs and then took a trip to Circus World in Baraboo on Tuesday, September 23rd.

Apple Orchard 08
Students in preschool and grade 1 visited Cain's Apple Orchard in Hixton on Monday, September 22nd.

1st Day of School 2008

Grades 5-8 Track Meet

Maple Syrup Trip
Grades K-3 took a trip to a farm to watch maple sap and syrup being collected and cooked. They sampled some of the product while they were there, and also had a picnic and fun in the snow.

Talent Show 2007
See pictures of our Talent Show from last May of 2007.

Preschool Graduation 2007
See pictures of our first-ever preschool graduation in June, 2007.

Field Trip to Holland's Dairy
Grades K-1 took a field trip to Holland's Dairy on Thursday, September 13th. Afterwards, they went to a park for lunch and play time.

Hawaiian Luau
Grades 3-4 enjoyed a Hawaiian party!!

Jump Rope for Heart
Grades K-3 participated in the biennial Jump Rope for Heart program, with older students turning the ropes.

Camp Phillip Field Trip
Our 7th and 8th graders went on an overnight field trip to Camp Phillip last October. Looks like everyone had a good time!

Spirit Week
See pictures of our students and classrooms during Spirit Week and as we prepare for Christmas.

Reading Night
See pictures of our first Reading Night, held on Monday, October 9th.