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11.9- Northland Recruiter (K-8)
11.10- Veteran's Day Program at Neillsville (10:00)
11.10- Family Movie Night @ St. John's
Contact Mr. Allard: phone- 715-937-7534
email- allardmj1@gmail.com or 6-8@stjohnsneillsville.com
Every afternoon this year the students will be listening to these short 2-3 minute devotions from "Your Time of Grace."  There is a new video devotion uploaded each day.  If you are interested in watching any of them click on the picture and it will take you to the YouTube page where they can all be found.
The Christ Light series that we will be going through in Religion class will be a study on the book of Galatians and then the book of Ephesians.  Following those two books we will go through various topical issues that pertain to students in middle school.

Catechism will also be part of the religion curriculum.  Pastor Biebert will be teaching Catechism classes to grades 7 and 8 on Tuesday and Friday morning.  Mr. Allard will be teaching Catechism classes to grades 5 and 6 at that time.

Students will also be expected to learn memory work.  The memory that is due for the upcoming month in Religion and Hymnology is listed below.
Memory Work Calendar- November 2017

Memory Work is due on the day listed below!  Everything will be recited to Mr. Allard unless otherwise noted.

Calendar coming soon!

Homework- Week of Nov. 6-10
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math 76 L. 22 L. 23 None L. 24 L. 25
Math 87 L. 22 L. 23 None L. 24 L. 25
Algebra 1/2 L. 22 L. 23 None L. 24 L. 25
Algebra 1 L. 22 L. 23 None L. 24 L. 25

***Math Quiz on Lessons 21-25 on Monday, November 13

Practice your Math facts here! (Click on the picture)
Assignments for Reading are below- Week of Nov. 6-10

For our next book this year we will be working through the book The Pigman by Paul Zindel.  
Monday- Read ch. 3 & 4 
Tuesday-Read ch. 5 (ch.1-4 questions due)
Wednesday- Read ch. 5 (ch.3-6 vocab due)
Thursday- Read ch. 6
Friday- Read ch. 6 (ch. 5-6 questions due?)


This year we will be learning about the ancient civilizations in the world.  We will be looking at these civilizations through a series that will combine what the Bible says about them with all of the lessons.

Nov. 6-10

Monday- Unit 2

Friday- Unit 2 Map


This year we will be going through a movie series called Brain Games and we will also be focusing on many science experiments.  Science this year will be culminated by a whole school Science Fair in April when the 6-8 graders will be working together on Rube Goldberg Inventions.
Nov. 6-10

Monday- Brain Games Video 

Friday- Egg Drop Experiment Day 1


We will be going through Unit  9 this week in Spelling
Assignments shown are given on that day and should be done the following day.

Monday- Unit 9 Pre test
Tuesday- p. 48
Wednesday- p. 49
Thursday- p. 51
Friday- Unit 9 Test