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Every afternoon this year the students will be listening to these short 2-3 minute devotions from "Your Time of Grace."  There is a new video devotion uploaded each day.  If you are interested in watching any of them click on the picture and it will take you to the YouTube page where they can all be found.
The Christ Light series that we will be going through in Religion class are on Galatians and Ephesians. We will also be doing some topical studies throughout the year.

Catechism will also be part of the religion curriculum.  Pastor Biebert will be teaching Catechism classes to grades 7 and 8 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Mr. Allard will be teaching Catechism classes to grades 5 and 6 at that time.

Students will also be expected to learn memory work for Religion and Catechism class and Hymns for Hymnology.
Homework- Week of August 24-27
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Math 76 Review Review Review MAP Test
Math 87 Review Review Review MAP Test
Algebra 1/2 Review Review Review MAP Test

Practice your Math facts here! (Click on the picture)
Assignments for Reading are below- Week of August 24-28

For our first book this year we will be working with The Great Gilly Hopkins


This year we will be learning about ancient civilizations. We will be using a curriculum that weaves in Biblical points of view throughout the study of each one. We will begin with the creation of the world and the tower of Babel, then continue with the ancient civilizations of MEsopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome.

August 24-28




This year we will be going through a version of Physical Science. We will be going through the video series Brain Games each Monday and we will be doing an experiment or STEM activity every Wednesday.
August 24-28

Monday- Brain Games



We will be going through Unit 1 this week in Spelling (14-17)
Assignments shown are given on that day and should be done the following day.

Monday- Unit 1 PreTest and p. 
Tuesday- p.
Wednesday- p.
Thursday- Unit 1 Final Test

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6-8th Grade Hymnology Packet