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» Liar – June 20, 2019
Faith Related Q and A
» I recently started dating someone and was hoping to find a book on the topic of Christian dating. Are there any books you would recommend?
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» God’s promised rest
» The harvest is on!
Outreach devotion for June

I Need More... is the theme for the twelve articles of Outreach Devotions in 2019. Often in conversation, people complain about something they lack. As a result, they will typically say, “I need more…” In this edition of Outreach Newsletters, articles will treat some of the common ways people finish that sentence.

June--I Need More Rest

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Through My Bible in Three Years

This Bible reading series is designed to help you read through the Bible in three years.

Many Bible readers have wished for a method that would help them with the regular study of God's Word. It takes about 15 minutes each day. It's okay if you haven't started at the beginning of a year. Feel free to jump in and start in the middle of a year.