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» Our Perfect Substitute – October 23, 2018
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» Can you simultaneously have fear and faith in the LORD?
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» From faith comes love
» Evangelism lessons from the Savior: Part 4
Outreach devotion for October

God’s Encouraging Word is the theme for the twelve articles of Outreach Devotions in 2018. The articles, one for each month of the year, address matters of life to which God’s Word gives direction and promise.

October--When I Am Tired

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Through My Bible in Three Years

This Bible reading series is designed to help you read through the Bible in three years.

Many Bible readers have wished for a method that would help them with the regular study of God's Word. It takes about 15 minutes each day. It's okay if you haven't started at the beginning of a year. Feel free to jump in and start in the middle of a year.